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Below are frequently asked questions regarding construction. If your question is not answered please contact Fusion Homes with information you would like.

What is a Tsubo?

Tsubo is a Japanese measurement of land and building area or floorspace (2 tatami mats=tsubo) and one tsubo is the equivalent of 3.33 m2.

What are the building restrictions in Hakuba?

Hakuba building restrictions are very detailed and vary depending on area,
as a general guide.

Hakuba / Wadano/ Echoland
Footprint: 60%
Coverage ratio: 200%
Maximum height : 18m

Footprint: 20%
Coverage ratio: 40%
Maximum height : 13m

Footprint: 30%
Coverage ratio: 50%
Maximum height : 12m

What months of the year can houses be built?

Due to heavy snow falls, May to November is the best time to build in Hakuba.While it is possible to build outside of these months the heavy snow adds to the complication and cost of the build process.

What kind of houses are built in Hakuba?

All styles and designs are built in Hakuba from 'Loghouses' to 'Concrete'. Fusion Homes uses modern 'post and beam' construction methods.

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