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Below are frequently asked questions regarding costs. If your question is not answered please contact Fusion Homes with information you would like.

What taxes are there when building new?

Acquisition tax of 3%-4% is applied to property and is paid post completion and is calculated on the statutory valuation of the property.

Fixed Assets tax is the only ongoing/annual tax for the ownership of land/houses is an annual fixed tax of 1.4% of the statutory valuation of the property.

What does land cost in Hakuba?

There is a big variation in price depending on area but most areas come somewhere between 20,000/tsubo and 150,000/tsubo .(6,600/M2 and 45,500/M2)

What are building costs in Hakuba?

The main driver of the cost of building is the price of materials used. As the cost of raw materials varies depending on market conditions the prices below should be taken as a broad indication only. More detailed and accurate quotes are available at the time of building. The prices below do not include fittings, white goods, furnishings and finishes.

Timber Construction
746,100/tsubo (248,700/M2)

Steel Construction
874,500/tsubo (291,500/M2)

Concrete construction
939,600/tsubo (313,200/M2)

In addition to these costs, water connection, property registration and other fees apply.

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